CKM goes live at the Slovenia Minstry of Health

The Ocean Informatics CKM was deployed at the Slovenia Minstry of Health on DATE under a contract managed by Marand, supplier of National health information exchange network.

Ocean Informatics - MAPA 2013 Winner

Ocean Informatics has been named a winner in the 2013 MAPA Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Health Partner of the Year for the Multiprac IC.

Need to connect islands of information?

We are Ocean - we bring knowledge to make your disconnected data and systems make sense

Multiprac Product Suite

  • Multiprac ShEHR and CP (Shared EHR and Care Planning)
  • Multiprac IC and SH (Infection Control and Staff Health)
  • Multiprac DS&ACP (Decision Support and Advanced Care Planning)
  • Multiprac IMP (Innovation and Mobile Platform)

The Challenges of e-Health

Are you a government trying to build clinical data standards?

Ocean Informatics is a recognised leader in e-health strategy, semantic interoperability and the shared EHR. We help clients like you understand the problem space, build a sustainable standards-development process, and we provide the tools you need.

Are you a healthcare provider looking for flexible solutions without technology or vendor lock-in?

Ocean Informatics provides the Multiprac solutions based on the OceanEHR platform. Our vision is an component-based computing ecosystem, where the back-end is based on open standards, and you can incrementally deploy the applications you need - from any supplier!

Are you a vendor or system builder dealing with complex customer requirements? Need REALLY flexible technology?

Our EHR platform offers fully integrated and highly computable health data organised around the patient care process, served from high-availability infrastructure to point of care, reporting and analytics applications. We provide solution builders with the OceanEHR openEHR-based platform to enable you to create truly flexible systems that adapt to your customer's requirements over time.

We help to turn islands of data into an ocean of knowledge...

Our Portfolio

  • Solutions Ocean's approach to health information systems is to use clinical models and terminology to drive the EHR. Our solutions include: knowledge modelling and management, the shared EHR, clinical applications and terminology toolset.

  • Services We offer training and consulting to provide key knowledge during the initiation, establishment and execution of projects. We can help frame the project, requirements capture, project execution including co-development as well as deployment and ongoing support.

  • Platform Our EHR solutions are underpinned by clinical modelling tools, based on the openEHR archetypes, and our OceanEHR platform, based on the openEHR reference model. These enable the construction of content models and health data repositories and services to create a deployable EHR system for any environment.

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